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FOODPICT English Intro

FOODPICT English Intro

A World-Class Ingredient Indication Tool

There are 3.1 billion people (1 in 3 people) in the world that have food they cannot eat due to food allergies, vegetarianism, religious beliefs or other dietary restrictions. It is predicted that by the year 2020 more than 12% of the Japanese population, including children with allergies and foreign visitors, will have some sort of dietary restrictions.


FOODPICT, a new ingredient indication tool, was designed to help better understand and deal with diverse food cultures. Food is essential for everyone, with FOODPICT you can create a future where everyone can gather around the table and eat with peace of mind.



Traveling in Japan?

Use FOODPICT's Communication App.

A Web Application and Communication Card are available for free to use while traveling in Japan. These two services use FOODPICT’s pictograms to communicate important information regarding one’s personal dietary restrictions.

They both feature the phrase “I cannot eat this” in Japanese, along with 14 food pictograms, and checkboxes to indicate your personal dietary restrictions. Please show to staff members at restaurants and hotels.



When the creator and founder of FOODPICT, Nobutaka Kikuchi, was a university student, he recognized the difficulties his Muslim and vegetarian friends visiting Japan faced when trying to understand what ingredients were in Japanese dishes.


This experience led him to start activities aimed at creating a society in which everyone can enjoy eating, beyond differences of nationality, religion, language, and so on. Nobutaka Kikuchi did not want the difficulties his friends faced to continue, and thus FOODPICT was created, allowing him to help everyone enjoy Japanese food.



Please message us if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.


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